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“Blown away by how well he breaks down all the gazillion technicalities you need to keep in mind while playing. HIGHLY recommended.”

“This is amazing. I am learning by myself, and noticed some of the things I had trouble with, now I see why. I really like how you go over it several times. Gripping the violin hard so it won’t fall, I do very much and it causes such a bad problem. I hope you can teach me a few things that I could change to stop the grip problem.”

“Wow, this course is wonderful! I had been doing everything SO WRONG and I’m already seeing improvement! I am so glad i got this course. The instructor couldn’t possibly be better!”

“It was very informative. Your teaching method is very thorough and interesting. I have been teaching myself since my bow arm wrist has been smashed about 1,5 years ago, and I am learning more than ever, I am very happy!!!!!”

“I am looking so forward to going through the course. I’ve wanted to play violin for years but have not really had the opportunity to do so until now.”

“This is really an astonishing course throughout. I was initially skeptical that the intricacies of violin playing could be fully conveyed and taught via video, since traditionally people learn to play violin throughout intensive interactions with a teacher. But this course really works. Yuliyan is charming, passionate, and engaging, and the material is so carefully curated and arranged to develop skills.”